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Old Friend
Hello there again, my old friend
I didn't invite you, nor I ever do
How long will you stay?
Or will you ever go away?
Have you been here all along?
I thought you were gone,
Will you prove me wrong?
As long as you're here,
Don't come in too near
Keep a safe distance,
Don't consume
Find your own place
At the edge of the room
At least when I'm all alone,
I know I can find you at my home
Always by my side,
Willing to be my guide
Like an unsound ghost,
Providing company when I need it most
But I wish you would let me be,
And give back my eyes to see
I'm falling when with you,
How do I know what's true?
Perhaps I gave you an invitation,
And it wasn't just your manipulation
But never would I ask for such an intrusion,
That brings nothing more than empty seclusion
No matter how far I push you away,
I fear with me you will always stay
Whenever I think it's going to end,
There you are again, my old friend
:iconamberz-artthings:AmberZ-ArtThings 32 22
The Faun by weeredfrog The Faun :iconweeredfrog:weeredfrog 10 4
when I sit here in the grass
letting the sun shine down at me
being surrounded by flowers and butterflies
why do I still suffer?
when I smile at them
laughing about some jokes
being with people who love me
why do I still feel my aching heart?
when I get tired
lying in my bed
feeling warm and confortable
why can't I escape the pain?
when I listen to a song
that used to make me happy
reminding me of good times
why am I crying out my soul?
When my dreams come true
when I think of things
I've always wanted
why does it still tear me apart?
when everything is alright
when life goes on without your love
when nothing is going to harm me
why does it
so bad.
:iconmarinas-roses:marinas-roses 10 7
counting butterflies
„What are you doing?"
„Counting butterflies."
„Are you okay?"
„Of course. I'm with you."
„There's another one."
„I know I'm freaky."
„You're my best friend."
„Do I look okay?"
„You look beautiful."
„Oh. Thank you."
„What's wrong? You really do."
„What's wrong?"
„I don't know..."
„Tell me."
„It's nothing."
„Talk to me. Please."
„Everything seems so useless..."
„How are you today?"
„Don't know..."
„I brought you some ice cream."
„Come on. Eat it."
„You're so good to me..."
„Of course I am."
„I'm so heavy to handle right now."
„All I want is seeing you happy again."
„You help."
„I'll always be there for you."
Or fifftyfive?

„I stopped."
:iconmarinas-roses:marinas-roses 17 12
Odd One Out
I've been held by other guys,
But when I gaze into your eyes,
There's this feeling I've never got,
From anyone else in this life.
I've been kissed a million times,
But when your lips touch mine,
There's this feeling I get inside,
All those millions of butterflies.
I've been seen by a million eyes,
But when I look at your face,
There's this feeling I can't replace,
When you see straight through me.
I've been crushed by a mountain of lies,
But when I hear you speak,
There's this feeling in my heart,
Each of your words makes me weak.
I've been dealt a handful of cards,
But when you hold out your hand,
There's this feeling of demand,
When I latch onto you with all that I am.
:iconcookiebingo:CookieBingo 3 10
Dead Inside
I do not feel alive,
I'm lost in my own small world,
I hear the voices in my head,
They're a constant image of dread.
A shadow follows behind me,
It's colder than the frosty water my soul now swims,
I have no-one to bring me back,
The dark void forever surrounding me;
It's pitch black!
Filled with hatred and pain,
All happiness sucked away,
I don't look forward to the light of day;
I am just dead inside.
:iconcookiebingo:CookieBingo 2 7
Earth draws closer to and further from Sun
this heart still aches.
My love lost reminds me of the fun.
Yet my predicament stays
I turn on some tunes
All I hear is lovesick lullabies
Switch over to the news,
Widow in black lets loose her cries.
Love doesn't seek me.
I hold a door that lets tramps in and out
but they don't need me,
I'm blind to my elation
I want a perfect woman.
Finding the boogeyman would be easier.
:iconphillipskid32:phillipskid32 8 21
Elindiel Commission by Venlian Elindiel Commission :iconvenlian:Venlian 172 11 Happy Birthday by LauraDeLouisian Happy Birthday :iconlauradelouisian:LauraDeLouisian 18 2 Thumbelina by ghostyheart Thumbelina :iconghostyheart:ghostyheart 102 63
The Maiden
Once a being, just once to find,
she blossomed between the folds of time;
a maiden whom no words defined.
Her qualities, such were divine.
A rose which when expressed, would shine
with beauty, love; the words would rhyme
when seen as one, in one so fine.
Ones heart would melt and so did mine.
But life, it is true, was never kind,
to lives of beings like hers and mine.
For things do change, cocoons do split.
Mountains too, shall crush to grit.
Fate is what, none can escape.
Endowed it is; feel free to debate.
She lit in me, an unknown spark,
like fireflies, they spin, they dart,
fascinating the world and I,
Such were the wonders of her eyes.
But yearn as I might, might I cry,
Scream my heart, tear through the sky,
what's meant shall happen, no ado,
such brief a gaze, I never knew.
No words I held within I spoke.
Who knew she'd disappear like smoke.
And since that day, I feel that I am;
condemned for crimes committed by…
but wait am I one to decide?
What's right or wrong? Don't live
:iconnotensmsk:NotenSMSK 78 62
Yanmiri - Art trade by kinachuku Yanmiri - Art trade :iconkinachuku:kinachuku 13 4 Ghost of a rose by ZakHarrar Ghost of a rose :iconzakharrar:ZakHarrar 213 75 Unknown Awareness by punkbastarddesigns Unknown Awareness :iconpunkbastarddesigns:punkbastarddesigns 70 9
Look at all the pretty things people made :D



DiggerGoth's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
I'm an 19 year old guy from the beautiful Zeeland, Netherlands
I love folk, fantasy and literature so I am much inspired by that! My passion is music and besides listening to it I am also a clarinet, tin whistle, guitar and piano player.

I am someone who is really strong in his opnions, though I will always respect yours as long you respect mine. My goal in life is giving a voice to the voiceless. I am openly gay, I am a vegetarian and a proud Pagan :)

Also, your hair looks beautiful today! Want to get a drink sometime? :)

:thumb323721185: BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Danish Language Level: Beginner by MicoNutziri

Ow Btw there are some amazing people on this site! Would you please check them out?

She's not only an awesome drawer but also one of the most amazing friends I have!

Not only my business partner but an awesome photographer as well!

Another awesome girl! She does awesome photography and digital art!

Another amazing photographer with an awesome taste in literature!

She does awesome portraits! Also she is my 'little sister' so hurt her and I'll punch you in the fuckin ass, okay honey?

This guy makes awesome drawings and comics! And his OC's are incredibly funny

This girl isn't just a lot of fun to talk to but she also makes awesome fanart! ALSO BOOTY!

She is one of my geeky brony friends who I can hug all day ^^

And I guess he also makes awesome drawings :P

And now, Stamps:
You Are Beautiful. by watergal28 Wiccan Rede Stamp by TheWiccanWay Omnia Stamp by DiggerGoth Faun Stamp by Leichenengel About music... by FelixV94x Cooking stamp by SerenEvy Vegetarian Stamp by Naaya-Neko .: Online boyfriend stamp :. by Aluri:thumb187843154: Love Music Stamp by Shinji-Sama Politics... Yawn by Mintaka-TK Friends stamp by Meddle689:thumb203054491: True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage You Can Talk To Me Stamp by HazelAlmonds Sideburns stamp by JansonKlivian-4-pres Don't be an extremist D: by ChikitaWolf Element Stamp by ladynightseduction Multi Instrumentalist Stamp by oldmanbassoon PUPPY NOT WANT by crazysweety:thumb152505113: Tin whistle Stamp by Red-Sinistra I Play Clarinet by CosmoNo1 I love my friends stamp by Sora-X-Riku Shane Dawson Stamp by Seasalticee Danish Band Nephew Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman Pagan Pride Stamp by sd-stock:thumb161897442: CD Stamp by MacabreVampire Trent Room by KelpyKrad Respect-Stamp by Dinoclaws Photoshop Stamp by mushir Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose:thumb103370621: DA Stamp - Care About Both 01 by tppgraphics Anti-PETA stamp by SkinnySlim22 Worship Stamp 12 by sd-stock ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnight .acoustic love. by icedtay Emilie Autumn Stamp by EveElle Polite does not equal Friend by Magic92 Inspired by you stamp by shimmer-dragon pagan stamp by theMary-go-Round Celtic Woman by AineMuirgheal Web Love Stamp by ShadowXEyenoom graphic designer by andaska Stamp WT 3 by Lady-Kiwi SatW stamp by Malla123 Beer: Guinness by TheStampKing Not All Gay Men Are Girly by GhostSpeaker Friendship stamp by JinZhan Life stamp by t3hsilentone Critiques wanted by prosaix Tobuscus Intro Stamp by sugarpoultry Online Friends Stamp by Azixel I'm learning Danish by 1stClassStamps Show Me Your Teeth Stamp by tamagotchi franz ferdinand stamp by KatataEtc:thumb216442201: Delain by Smaragdia I Love Beer Stamp by AndroniX:thumb194563119: Classical Music Stamp by McNikk Worst wounds stamp by PleasurelyPainful
Some of you may know this already but I suspect many of you may not. However I'd like you guys to know that I have a completely new site:

That's right! No more tumblr, just a plane old domain. So please check it out! I have also added a RSS feed and made a facebook page. It would help me a lot if you guys could visit it and like my facebook! Thank you guys so much!

With Love,
Finally! Today the stress was over! I have passed my final exams! Now I just need to pass my internship (which I am very exciting about) at IamRiebeek, starting this monday!

My site now also has a few fixes. It is now viewable from bigger monitors (well it already was but now it actually looks good) and appearantly there was a problem with my fonts causing them to change into (ugh) Comic Sans.... Well no worries, it should all be fixed now! Also the portfolio part of the site is completely renewed so it is definitally worth it to take a look on there as well! 

Congratulations to everyone who graduated as well and thanks to all the friends and family who had to put up with my nervous ranting! 

With love, Shashank

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